Whether your event capacity is 50 or 15,000+, take control of the primary and secondary market with our Tixologi™ ticketing platform that offers comprehensive fan data capture, ticket security, fan engagement tools and endless integrations to boost ancillary revenue and amplify your marketing and partnership efforts.

Integrate our white-labeled software into your site, customize your ticket selling experience and start selling tickets fast.

Benefit from these solutions for all event types:

  • Intuitive event management system
  • Metrics on all ticket holders throughout the lifespan of the event
  • Integrations for marketing and venue services (parking, F&B, merch, etc.) into the ticket itself
  • Every ticket is a customizable collectible NFT with exclusive content attached and the ability to deliver engaging content over time
  • Unlock innovative brand partnerships through customized ticket buying experiences, interactive tickets and enhanced fan data capture
  • Simple and secure ticket scanning, accessible by all up-to-date smartphone devices
  • An integrated secondary ticket market will create:
    • New revenue streams for the event producer
    • Better security
    • Less event day issues
    • A seamless end-to-end experience for the fan

Click into each event type below to explore some of the unique ways to utilize the platform for each:

Comedy Shows
Food Festivals
Music Festivals
Sporting Events
Artist Fan Clubs
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