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Ticketing is Here

Supercharge your events and sell more tickets with ease.

Less cost. Less effort. Less headaches.
More personalized. More control. More revenue.

Fully customized for you

Your event is unique, so the ticketing should be too. We allow you to customize your event from start to finish, including the ticket Itself.

Control the ticket from start to finish

Before, you had no idea what happened to a ticket after it was first sold. Now, you can control transfers and ensure all tickets are real. Your ticket behaves your way.

Know your fans better and sell more tickets

Gain deeper insights into who is buying your tickets, identify your top attendees and uncover trends to help you sell more.

Promote your events with ease

What if your event marketing could manage itself? Tixologi's new marketing tool allows you to automatically promote your events with ease across multiple platforms. Create a campaign, enter your ad spend and let our tool do the rest.

"First impressions are important, and Hollywood & Mind's decision to go with Tixologi as the ticketing platform for our first-ever Summit proved a smart move. The custom digital ticket each of our attendees received set the tone for the event, and the Tixologi team couldn't have been more responsive to our needs from conception through all backend support."

- Cathy Applefeld Olson, Founder & Principal, Hollywood & Mind

"The fact that Tixologi could offer a platform that doesn't feel Web3 for the customers, but still achieves the Web3 business benefits was awesome."

- Jack Settleman, Snapback Sports

"From the first conversation, the Tixologi team has been great! The software is only getting better day by day."

- Arman Ayan, Catch'N Ice Cream


We are proud to be the go-to ticketing provider for a wide range of event producers and venues. Some of our customers are:


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