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Tixologi helps you customize your ticketing pages and get our tools integrated into your site and/or app

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Increased revenue

Capture royalties on 100% of ticket resales leading up to the event and continue to generate revenue post-event with collectible ticket resales. Uncover new brand partnership opportunities and ancillary revenue potential.

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Enhanced Insights on ALL Ticket Holders

The future of ticketing is knowing everyone who interacts with the ticket from on sale to event.

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Elimination of Fraudulent Tickets

The blockchain provides enhanced security for tickets. Tickets can’t be duplicated and every ticket is associated with only one account.

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Deeper Fan Engagement

With enhanced insights, event producers can interact with fans on a level they couldn’t dream of before. Reward fans for their loyalty, integrate with marketing, deploy targeted offers and exclusive content, and allow fans to build and trade NFT ticket collections.

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