The Uprising

Almost daily there’s an article, a Twitter thread or a Facebook post filled with frustrations towards the major ticketing players. I’ve noticed this news becoming more and more frequent. Fans are tired of what once was a fun and exciting experience, now being a stressful one. It’s becoming almost impossible to get tickets to any major event. Logging on at 12am, waiting in a virtual queue for hours, only to find out that all the tickets have been sold. A look at resale marketplaces only fuels the fire of frustration. Scalpers and bots have scooped up a big chunk of the tickets, leaving the real fans out in the cold.

I imagine that eventually, the uprising will be too strong to ignore. Venues, teams and musicians will search for alternatives to bring their loyal fans back into the fold. At the end of the day, the customer is always right. This is an important rule that the ticketing industry has failed to remember.

But it’s not just the fans who are frustrated. The event producers are too. A lack of ability to customize the ticket buying flow and instead being funneled into rigid templates. A music festival ticketing page looks the same as a professional basketball game. It doesn’t make sense. Top customers are being directed to a generic support email when trying to deal with critical issues efficiently and quickly. What happened to making your customers’ lives easier? It’s so much easier for these ticketing giants to keep things templated and automated. Templates and automation save money. It may be what’s best for the ticketing providers, but it’s not what’s best for the customer or the event producer.

So why haven’t things changed? The ticketing giants have gained too much power. Whether through acquisitions or crazy influxes of cash, the top few have found ways to maintain control of the industry and not let others join the party. But at the end of the day, it can change and it will change. Without fans, there are no events and without events, there are no tickets and without tickets, there are no ticketing providers. The fans and those putting on the events are in control, not the ticketing providers. Frustration can only build for so long; the uprising is coming!

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